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Volunteer Opportunities

Picking up food donations

Volunteers can pick up donations 7 days a week. This position requires a Tennessee driver’s license and a commitment to pick up and deliver food back to our storage location.

Unloading and storing donated food

Volunteers must be able to communicate with donations sources upon arrival, lift 25 lb. boxes and place them in your car, then on to a cart upon arrival back to our location. Involves bending, squatting, and lifting and pushing a cart.

Hours: Monday-Sunday between 11-3 P.M.

picking up food donations
food boxes

Packing family food boxes

Volunteers will help greet, assess needs, and pack food according to the client’s needs. A friendly and helpful disposition is needed for this position.

Hours: Monday-Thursday between 11-3 P.M.

Helping families load food boxes

Volunteers walk out with the clients and help them load food boxes into their cars.

Hours: Monday-Thursday between 11-3 P.M.

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